Rules and Regulations for use of Eco Landing Nets

Bruce Alvey Hints & Tips 20 08 2015

Attention Wholesalers and Retailers of Landing Nets and Scoop Nets in QLD.

An incident happened in Queensland where anglers were noticed by a Fishcare Volunteer using an Eco Landing Net to scoop "Jelly Prawns" a favourite bait for some species in a Salt Water enviroment.

Rumours began to run wild that these nets were illegal.

To clarify this point - Eco Landing Nets are in fact Legal to use when used to "assist in the landing of fish".

If a net is used to Scoop for Prawns, the mesh must be 1" or 25mm or bigger in SALT WATER.  This means the use of the Eco style landing nets as Scoop Nets in Salt Water is Illegal.

In Fresh Water it must have a mesh no bigger than 1" of 25mm. This means you can use a Eco Style Landing Net if Fresh Water if its other dimensions comply with Fishery Regulations.

See QLD. regs below for Salt and Fresh Water.



Bruce Alvey

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