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CFGD6-1602 - Cast Flying Gaff Diamond - 2 Piece - Hookem Fishing Australia
  • Cast Flying Gaff -Diamond Series - 2 Piece

    The Cast Flying Gaff Range Diamond Series - 2 Piece is doubled pinned and glued for extra strength and durability into thick-walled fibreglass poles.

    Heads are cast, case hardened, hi-tensile and hand polished. Includes rope lock gimbal in the base of the pole to assist in holding the head in place while you prepare to capture the fish. 

    The same high quality finish with the new Diamond Style Head.

    • Tech Specs

      Part# Gape Size Handle Grips
      CFGD6-1602 6" (150mm) 1.6m - 2 Piece 2
      CFGD6-1802 6" (150mm) 1.8m - 2 Piece 2


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