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About Hook'em

The Hook'em Background

Hook'em began because of a demand for strong, durable and long-lasting fishing products that were not being met in the market place at the time.  As Mick loved to fish, and had extensive knowledge in the fields required he decided to look further into how he could achieve this. He decided to develop and manufacture a range of gaffs that would not only be of the highest standard of quality but also be of an affordable price.

He worked on the development and then showed his first prototype to some very experienced people from the industry with good background knowledge in the world of fishing.  They had a great understanding of what was lacking and what improvements could be made on existing products and also ideas for new products as well.  With his knowledge of manufacturing and their knowledge of the industry, it proved to be a very worthwhile adventure. Some of the guys included Tim Simpson, Paul Worsteling, Neil Tedesco, and James Thackery, just to name a few. At the time he was overwhelmed with the response although probably not surprised.  So many fishermen, including himself, were after not only a reliable well-made product but also had many ideas on how to improve on the gear that was already out there.

One idea grew into a high-quality range

A small project which had started out to build on his own tackle collection soon developed into a large product line of fishing equipment that we are constantly building on and developing. 

Presently included in the range are;

  • Gaffs,

  • Nets

  • Tail ropes

  • Tag poles

  • Release items

  • Plus a constantly growing range of terminal tackle and accessories.

Australian Made

Our factory located in Melbourne is set up with quality machinery and large manufacturing areas. Mick and Jim (the owners), as well as our knowledgable well-trained staff, know it is of the upmost importance that the quality and presentation of the products is always of the highest standard.  This is one of the areas that Mick felt was lacking when he started and one that he intends to keep as his number one priority.

High-quality customer service

Hook'em Fishing focuses not only on having well-made products at competitive prices but also a high standard of customer service.  For any advice, you can contact your nearest stockist or give Mick a call and he will be more than happy to have a chat with you. Mick has been involved in the development of all our products from the very beginning so feel free to contact him via email at [email protected].

Our range of Hook'em products are found Australia wide. Go to store Distributors to find your nearest stockist.

Thanks for visiting our website, if you have any photos or stories we can add to our site please send along for all to share.



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