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Sinker - Round - (Non Lead)
  • Sinker - Round - (Non Lead)

    The future of fishing across the world is non-lead. Lead is harmful to everything including us, the fish and the environment. Lead is now banned in certain parts of the USA and Canada and the rest of the world is set to follow. 


    So do the right thing, and get a non-lead alternative sinker, it helps guarantee the future of fishing for all.


    The Hook'em Round Sinkers are available in 8 size options from 10g to 80g.

    Available now at all leading tackle stores Australia-wide.

    • Tech Specs

      Part# Weight Size Pack Qty
      SINK10S8 10g Ø13.8 - 2.5mm Hole 8
      SINK15S7 15g Ø15.7 - 2.5mm Hole 7
      SINK20S6 20g Ø17.2 - 2.5mm Hole 6
      SINK30S5 30g Ø19.7 - 2.5mm Hole 5
      SINK40S4 40g Ø21.6 - 2.5mm Hole 4
      SINK50S3 50g Ø23.2 - 2.5mm Hole 3
      SINK60S2 60g Ø24.7 - 2.5mm Hole 2
      SINK80S2 80g Ø27.1 - 2.5mm Hole 2


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