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TELGAF120-8 - Telescopic Gaff, 0.8m - 1.2m, 8x85mm gaff head, aluminium handle, interchangeable, made in Australia, Hookem
  • Telescopic Gaffs

    The Hook'em Telescopic Gaff Range allows for maximum flexibility for those fishos that change between species and require different tools for the job. All Telescopic Gaffs are supplied with a standard detachable 8x85mm gaff, In the future you can add extra attachments as required, giving maximum flexibility. 


    Additional attachments avialable in Replacement Parts


    Note: When picking a gaff, always ensure it will fit with the size and space available in your vessel as well as the size of the species you are targeting. If you are chasing species that tend to roll and thrash like sharks it would be best to consider a flying gaff instead.

    • Tech Specs

      Part# Gape Handle (L) Grips
      TELGAF120-8 8x85mm 0.8m - 1.2m 1x EVA
      TELGAF240-8 8x85mm 1.4m - 2.4m 1x EVA
      TELGAF360-8 8x85mm 1.4m - 3.6m 1x EVA


    • Warranty

      Hook'em will NOT Warranty any fixed gaff that has been misused from its intended purpose or is a result of careless or accidental breakage.

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