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Lachies Fishing Adventures Approved!!

Recently we gave some examples of our new Diamond Gaff Fixed Titanium Series to Lachies Fishing Adventures for some in field testing. We gave him instructions to "Give Them Hell" and let us know what he thinks.

Lachie has been in the thick of it lately and recently reported back:

"Well, since I have received these it has been punished with the local barrels. You could say we have definitely tested them especially with how crazy some of these fish go beside the boat".

"I have been blown away especially by this new range. The size of the poles and the weight. The lightest gaffs I have ever used and by all accounts the strongest!!!"

"Whatever you have done with this design has blown me away!!!"

"Thanks so much to Mick for the opportunity to test these before they come on the market."

"Once they arrive in stores people will be blown away!!!"

We have it on good authority he has been able to land a few 150kg Blue Fin barrels without any issues and it is his new go to gaff on the boat.

Well we can report the Diamond Fixed Gaff in Titanium is now on the market and available from leading tackle stores Australia wide. Get your copy fast as we expect stocks to go out the door quickly.

For more information check out the product page.

Hookem Titanium Diamond Gaff
Hookem Diamond Titanium Gaff

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