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Flying Gaffs - Aluminium Handle
  • Flying Gaffs - Aluminium Handle

    The Original  Hook'em Flying Gaff Aluminium Handle Series comes in a variety of size options to suit almost any scenario a fisho will come across, from small to large and everything in between.


    Flying gaffs are ideal for species that tend to thrash about and have their way. By taking away the handle after setting the Gaff you can control the fish with the soft rope rather than a pole which has the potential to bend, snap or even get caught on the boat itself.  

    • Tech Specs

      Part# Size Handle (L) Locking Grip ØHandle Dia
      FG085 8x85mm (3.5") 1.5m No 1 25mm
      FG100 10x100mm (4") 1.5m No 1 25mm
      FG125 13x125mm (5") 1.5m No 1 25mm
      FG150 13x150mm (6") 1.6m Yes 1 30mm
      FG175 16x175mm (7") 1.6m Yes 1 30mm
      FG200 16x200mm (8") 1.6m Yes 1 30mm
      FG250RF 16x250mm 1.6m Yes 1 30mm


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