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Small To Heavy Fixed Head Gaffs
  • Small To Heavy Fixed Head Gaffs

    Hook'em's Original Gaff Line includes a large variety of gaffs that will cover almost any situation you need from small to large and everything in between. All these gaffs have Aluminium handles with EVA foam handles to give a good grip surface. Add to all that, they are Made In Australia. 


    Note: When picking a gaff, always ensure it will fit with the size and space available in your vessel as well as the size of the species you are targeting. If you are chasing species that tend to roll and thrash like sharks it would be best to consider a flying gaff instead.

    • Tech Specs

      Part# Use Head Size Length Grip
      GF002 Light 6x75mm 50cm 1xEVA
      GF003 Light 6x75mm 82.5cm 1xEVA
      GF004 Lt-Mdm 8x85mm 1.0m 1xEVA
      GLM08 Lt-Mdm 8x85mm 20cm 1xEVA / Lanyard
      GLM08HD Medium 8x85mm 40cm HD 1xEVA / Lanyard
      GF005 Lt-Mdm 8x85mm 1.6m 2xEVA
      GF005S Lt-Mdm 8x85mm 1.2m 2xEVA
      GF010 Medium 10x100mm 1.6m 2xEVA
      GF010S Medium 10x100mm 1.2m 2xEVA
      GF010HD Mdm-Hvy 10x100mm 1.2m HD 2xEVA
      GF010HDL Mdm-Hvy 10x100mm 1.6m HD 2xEVA
      GF013 Mdm-Hvy 13x150mm 1.6m HD 2xEVA


    • Warranty

      Hook'em will NOT Warranty any fixed gaff that has been misused from its intended purpose or is a result of careless or accidental breakage.

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