• Small To Heavy Fixed Head Gaffs

    Included in this large variety is a gaff that will cover almost any situation you need from small to large and everything in between. All these gaffs have Aluminium handles with EVF foam handles to give a good grip surface.


    Note: When picking a gaff, always ensure it will fit with the size and space available in your vesell as well as the size of the sepcies you are targeting. 

    • Tech Specs

      Part # Gape Size Handle Grips
      GF001 6 x 65mm 30cm 1
      GF002 6 x 65mm 50cm 1
      GF003 6 x 65mm 85cm 1
      GF004 8 x 85mm 1.0m 1
      GLM08 8 x 85mm 20cm - Wrist Strap  1
      GF005 8 x 85mm 1.6m 2
      GF005/S 8 x 85mm 1.2m 2
      GF005/HD 8 x 85mm 1.2m Heavy Duty Handle 2
      GF005/HDL   8 x 85mm 1.6m Heavy Duty Handle 2
      GF010 10 x 125mm 1.6m 2
      GF010/S 10 x 125mm 1.2m 2
      GF010/HD 10 x 125mm 1.2m Heavy Duty Handle 2
      GF010/HDL   10 x 125mm 1.6m Heavy Duty Handle 2
      GF012 13 x 150mm 1.6m 2
      GF013 13 x 150mm 1.6m Heavy Duty Handle 2






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