Hook'em Tips - Fixed or Flying Gaffs?

Hook'em has a wide variety of Gaff products from fixed to flying and everything in between. In this article, we will be concentrating on what Gaff is best for what type of fishing you do. Remember having the right tool for the job is imperative to get your catch onboard with the least amount of fuss.

Cast Gaffs are ideal for smaller species of fish that once gaffed can be easily lifted onboard. Always try your best to avoid using a fixed gaff as a lever on larger fish as this is when disaster can strike. Usually, breakage will occur right at the joint inside the handle which will see the head depart the handle which can result in losing the fish and throwing away the purchase cost of your gaff.

If you are intending on chasing species that are somewhat stronger and thrash more than a snapper, or kingie like a shark, tuna, or billfish, then you really should be looking more towards a Flying Gaff just like the one in the picture below.

The main benefit of the flyer is that once the gaff is in the fish you can take the handle away and use the rope attached to the hook to control the fish. This will dramatically reduce the risk of damaging yourself, your expensive equipment while reducing the risk of losing your valuable catch.

Another benefit is that if you are fishing solo, you can tie the rope off to a cleat/bollard while you get the gaff into the shark without needing an extra set of hands to help. Once you remove the pole and store it, you are then ready to get back to the task of landing the shark.

All in all, we recommend the flyer gaff products for these bigger stronger species to save you time and money, picking the right tool for the job is always the first step towards a great day on the water.

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